Photography, like any artistic medium, is about communication. You could say it is partly a language one that can be used in a very rudimentary way and one most people are very familiar with (e.g. snapshots, family photos etc.). However, just as we move in stages as we are learning to talk from being a child to an adult so to one can develop through stages in photography starting with the simple observation of the world around us to deeper levels of perception and involvement.

Many of us never want to nor need go beyond a simple conversation level in photography, but like anything else in life some of us will want to delve deeper so we can express ourselves using a bigger visual vocabulary and more complex visual sentences and paragraphs.

Man is the great communicator, and photography is the great communicative art form of our age. I believe through photography that we can search for and evoke new symbols that expand our minds so that we can become more at home in this scientific and unpredictable age we live in.